Best answer: What do police child protection do?

Police protection. Police protection is an emergency power which enables any police officer to protect a child who is reasonably believed to be at risk of significant harm.

What is the police role in child protection?

Police forces work with other agencies to safeguard children and have unique responsibilities for investigating crimes against them and taking protective action where this is necessary. Protecting children is one of the most important tasks the police undertake.

What powers do child protection have?

The law gives Child Safety Services the power to: investigate concerns about children. intervene in a child’s life with the parents’ consent under a care agreement. arrange for support services to help a family to prevent a family from entering the child protection system.

What happens after a police protection order?

Once the police have exercised their powers of protection, the Local Authority can keep the child in its care for 72 hours. If circumstances change, and the Local Authority realises that a PPO should not have been exercised, then the Local Authority is under a duty to return the child/children to their parents.

How long can a child be kept in police protection?

A child can be kept in police protection for a maximum of 72 hours. The police do not acquire parental responsibility during this time.

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What are the 2 main laws for child protection?

The key pieces of legislation that you might be aware of are:

  • The Children Act 1989 (as amended).
  • The Children and Social Work Act 2017.
  • Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019.
  • Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018.
  • The Education Act 2002.
  • The United Nations convention on the Rights of the Child 1992.

What section is a police protection order?

(7)While a child is being kept in police protection, the designated officer may apply on behalf of the appropriate authority for an emergency protection order to be made under section 44 with respect to the child.

What is a child protection order?

Ending a child protection plan

the local council decides your child is no longer suffering or at risk of significant harm.

What happens at a child protection conference?

The conference will hear information about the family and concerns which have been expressed. There will be a discussion about whether or not the child is at risk of significant harm and whether the child should be placed on a ‘child protection plan’.