Best answer: What is meant by partnership in the context of safeguarding?

Partnership working means that, all agencies and professionals work together to safeguard children. … They are therefore well placed to identify children known to relevant organisations as being most at risk of offending and to undertake work to prevent them offending.

What does partnership in safeguarding mean?

Partnership working and information sharing. Cooperation between agencies is important to help reduce the risk of cases slipping through the safeguarding system and stopping domestic abuse at an early stage or preventing it from happening in the first place. … coordinated action to assess, manage and reduce risk.

What are the 3 safeguarding partners?

The new statutory framework requires the three safeguarding partners (local authorities, police and CCGs): to join forces with relevant agencies, as they consider appropriate, to co-ordinate their safeguarding services; act as a strategic leadership group; and implement local and national learning, including from …

What does the term partnership working mean?

Partnership working refers to a broad range of actions and can easily be defined as. two or more groups coming together to achieve a common purpose. It is not. necessarily a 50/50 division of power or financial responsibility but there is always. some degree of spreading control or influence. (

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What is a safeguarding partner in England?

A safeguarding partner in relation to a local authority area in England is defined under the Children Act 2004 as: (a) the local authority, (b) a clinical commissioning group for an area any part of which falls within the local authority area, and (c) the chief officer of police for an area any part of which falls …

What are partner agencies?

Partner agency means a governmental service provider or governmental placement facility that is authorized by this subchapter to be a member of a local juvenile justice information system or that has applied to be a member of a local juvenile justice information system and has been approved by the county juvenile board …

What are safeguarding partners responsible for?

Together, the 3 Safeguarding Partners will be responsible for agreeing on and implementing new safeguarding strategies that should improve multi-agency working capacity and, in turn, improve the provision of safeguarding and child protection agreements in the local area.

What partnership services can support child safeguarding?


  • Adult Social Care.
  • Children’s Services.
  • Community Safety.
  • London Ambulance Service.
  • Public Health Medicine.
  • NHS England.
  • Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
  • Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL)

Why is a partnership important?

Collaboration and strategic partnerships are fundamental to improving business outcomes. … Plus, deepening ties between complementary businesses fosters collaboration and longevity, and allows companies to offer services and solutions that help their customers and other businesses become more successful.

Why is partnership important in health and social care?

Partnership working in health and social care brings together separate organisations so that they can benefit from pooled expertise, resources and power sharing. The goal of a partnership is to enhance the efficiency and quality of service provision. … There is respect and trust between the partners.

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Why is working in partnership important?

Reasons why it is important to work in partnership with colleagues and other professionals. It enables us to build up productive ways of interacting and communicating with each other and to breakdown barriers between ourselves and the organisations with which we work.

How do agencies work together to safeguard?

The 2017 Children and Social Work Act sets out how agencies must work together by placing new duties on the police, clinical commissioning groups and the local authority to make arrangements to work together and with other partners locally to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children in their area.

What local agencies are involved in safeguarding?

Government departments that oversee safeguarding policy and law

  • England. …
  • Wales. …
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) …
  • Local authority social services. …
  • Care Quality Commission. …
  • Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (OFSTED) …
  • Office of the Public Guardian. …
  • Police.