Can Protect be used twice Pokémon?

Protect can now be used when the user is behind a substitute. Like in Generation II, the success rates of Protect, Detect, and Endure halve each time any of the three are used successfully and consecutively.

How many times can you use protect Pokemon?

Usually protect only works one turn but would fail if you tried to use it the second turn. But in some occasional cases protect works two times in a row.

What are the odds of a triple protect in Pokemon?

The odds for three consecutive Protects to land are 1/32.

Can you use Protect on other Pokemon?

If one of your Pokémon is threatened by an opponent, use Protect with that Pokémon and let the partner take down the threat. This is especially useful for Pokémon with 4x weaknesses, which are much more likely to draw in their threats than other Pokémon.

Can you use protect and detect?

No you can’t use them together. If you use Detect, Protect or Endure, using any of them again will make the accuracy 50%. So it could work for a few turns but will fail pretty quickly.

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Can you protect twice in a row?

Yes, you can catch the same cold twice, depending on the strength of your immune response. … In a later, particularly rigorous study from 1963, 50 subjects were confined to a dormitory for an entire month to assess their ability to withstand reinfection with the same cold virus.

Can you max guard After protect?

Effect. Max Guard protects the user from moves for the rest of the turn. … Max Guard does not protect the user against Feint, but its effects remain even after being hit by Feint. It does not protect the user from Mean Look, Role Play, Perish Song, Decorate, G-Max One Blow, or G-Max Rapid Flow.

How many times can you use protect in a row?

Protect can now be used when the user is behind a substitute. Like in Generation II, the success rates of Protect, Detect, and Endure halve each time any of the three are used successfully and consecutively.

Does Protect have priority?

See its section on the spading page for more information, and how you can help. Priority (Japanese: 先制 preemption) is a characteristic of moves, such that any move with a higher priority than another will always be performed first.

Generation IV.

Priority Moves
+3 Detect, Endure, Follow Me, Protect
+2 Feint

What Pokemon moves ignore protect?

Bypass Protect moves

  • 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt Power. 195 Accuracy. — PP. …
  • Acid Downpour Power. 1 Accuracy. — PP. …
  • Acupressure Accuracy. — PP. …
  • — PP. …
  • All-Out Pummeling Power. 1 Accuracy. — PP. …
  • Aromatherapy Accuracy. — PP. …
  • — PP. Def by 1.
  • Aurora Veil Accuracy. — PP. Hail only.
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Does quick guard stop fake out?

Quick Guard also stops slower Pokémon from using Fake Out, and under normal circumstances, Crobat is faster than every Pokémon that learns Fake Out. (The speedy Talonflame can make similar use of Quick Guard.)

Is protect worth it?

Incorporating Protect is basically a guaranteed Speed Boost. This not only ensures that you will be faster than your opponent, it also allows you to invest less EVs into your pokémon’s Speed stat than you normally would as that stat will be increased anyway, allowing you to focus on more offensive or defensive stats.

Does no guard go through protect?

In Diamond and Pearl, a Pokémon with No Guard can successfully hit a Pokémon that has used Protect or Detect, but only if it uses a move with less than 100% accuracy. The lower the initial accuracy of the move, the higher its chance of breaking through Protect or Detect.

Which is better protect or detect?

There is NO meaningful difference between Detect and Protect – Detect is just a fighting type while Protect is a normal type (and has more pp). Their effects are exactly the same, through different Pokemon may not be able to learn one, bu are able to learn the other.

How long is protect Pokemon?

In the Mystery Dungeon series, Protect grants the user the protect status blocking most attacks for as long as the status stays active, which usually lasts 3-6 turns. When Feint is used, the protect status is broken early. Pokemon under the protect status skill take damage from items and explosions.

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What moves hit through protect?

1 Answer. Acupressure, Aromatic Mist, Confide, Curse, Doom Desire, Feint, Future Sight, Hyperspace Hole (unreleased), Imprison, Perish Song, Phantom Force, Play Nice, Psych Up, Roar, Role Play, Shadow Force, Sketch, Transform, Whirlwind.