Can you join color guard in college?

Does color guard look good on college applications? ABSOLUTELY! In fact, most college admissions departments seek out music students, as they recognize all that is involved in our academic discipline.

Can you start color guard in college?

Now you can begin earning college scholarships for your participation in color guard as early as the 9th grade, even if you don’t plan to pursue it in college. Austin College, Rowan University, New England Institute of Technology and 368 other colleges offer up to $10,000 in scholarships for every year of color guard.

What colleges have color guards?

College/Univ. Marching Bands

  • WV: Marshall University Marching Thunder Color Guard.
  • VA: James Madison University Marching Royal Dukes.
  • VA: For the Love of Colorguard – James Madison University.
  • UT: Brigham Young University Marching Band.
  • OH: Ohio State University Color Guard.
  • NY: Cornell University Big Red Marching Band.

Can you do color guard professionally?

Becoming an instructor is a great way to turn your love of color guard into a profession. … Many instructors have high school color guard experience, as well as marching band, dance and cheerleading experience. Join a performance group. Many camps and schools recruit through organizations such as the Blue Devils.

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Do colleges like color guard?

DOES COLOR GUARD LOOK GOOD ON COLLEGE APPLICATIONS? ABSOLUTELY! In fact, most college admissions departments seek out Marching Band students, as they recognize all that is involved in our discipline.

Is colorguard a sport?

Colour guard is called the “sport of the arts” because it brings music to life through performance in a competitive format. Performers demonstrate skill, agility, strength and endurance through choreographed movement, dance and use of props set to music to tell a story.

Is color guard hard?

It falls under the definition and it is just as hard as cheer and dance. “Color guard is a sport because we work just as hard or harder than any other sport,” Alyssa Lingle (’21) said. Color guard and football have more in common than you think.

Why should I join color guard?

Color guard teaches you more than basic dancing; it teaches you how to perform using the body. 2. You can make lifelong friends. Whether it be your college or high school’s marching band guard, a winter guard, or a drum corps, you will find friends through color guard that will last you a lifetime.

Is there winter guard in college?

Thousands of young men and women participate in Scholastic Winter Guards each year. In recent decades, a new phenomenon has arisen making it easier for many members keep performing and at the same time prepare for their upcoming careers: College-based guards. …

Can boys join color guard?

Queen said that the CHS color guard has always been open to having males in the color guard, and there are thousands of males in color guard across the country. Even though CHS didn’t have males up until this year, it is common in the nation for males to participate in color guard.

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Should I try out for color guard?

Before you are in color guard, you will obviously need to try out for it. Don’t be afraid to audition if you don’t know the basics of flag. The typical way they do auditions is take four days to teach you the basics of flag work and teach you a short dance routine.

How much does it cost to be in color guard?

Entry fee per color guard for the World Championships is $525.00. World Championship entries postmarked after December 15 are $625.00. Checks must be made out to WGI and payable in US Funds only. Entry fees may also be paid by Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Can you do marching band and colorguard?

The marching band and color guard performance generally takes place on a football field. The color guard performs alongside the marching band at football games and most guards regularly compete in competitions during the fall. … The number of members in a color guard can range from a single person to over 50 members.

How tall is a color guard flag?

A good rule of thumb is that your flag should be exactly ½ the length for your pole. For example, if your flag has a header of 36”, then your pole should be 6′ long.

How heavy is a color guard flag?

Product information

Product Dimensions 72 x 1 x 1 inches
Item Weight 1.25 pounds
Manufacturer DSI
Item model number POALSI60