Do I need to protect my logo?

Trademark is about protecting things that identify a business in the marketplace and logos are among the most important means of identification. As such, logos are generally protected by trademark and enforceable as such. Trademark protects all details of your work (names, words, colors, font etc.)

How can I protect my logo legally?

Register Your Trademark

The best thing founders can do to legally protect their brands is to register their trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. You can do it online, but founders should definitely consider enlisting the help of an attorney, as there are many forms to fill out and strict deadlines.

Is trademarking a logo necessary?

Since trademarks are used to identify a company or brand, it makes the most sense to file for trademark protection on the brand name, logo or image. … So, if you are investing in a brand image, you should seek a trademark registration to protect it. But, your image may also qualify for copyright protection as well.

A good logo will create instant recognition within the minds of your target audience.” That’s why it’s important to protect your logo from being copied, mimicked or knocked off by lesser brands without your permission, a crime otherwise known as trademark infringement.

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If you decide not to trademark your logo, you do acquire trademark rights simply by using it in connection with your products or services. This is referred to as “common law” trademark rights.

If you want to protect your brand identity you have to register a trademark for your company name, logos, and slogans. By using the trademark symbol, you notify other people that products they use are your property. In order to prevent unauthorized use of your mark by third parties, you have to choose a strong one.

How can I make my logo official?

The Steps to Protecting Your Logo

  1. Decide on Your Logo Concept. …
  2. Check for Existing Trademarks Before You Approve the Design. …
  3. Ensure a Design Distinctive Enough to Trademark. …
  4. Apply for Your Trade Mark as Soon as Possible. …
  5. Wait for the trademark to be approved.

The simple answer: Logos are not copyrighted, they are actually trademarked. Whether or not legal action is taken for replicating a trademarked logo is fully up to the company or entity that owns the trademark.

Are logos automatically trademarked?

A trademark solidifies your ownership of your intellectual property. By simply creating and using a logo, you automatically have the sole right to use it and take legal action against infringement. … In the United States for example, trademarks are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Which One Should I Trademark? It depends. Higher value tends to lie in name recognition rather than familiarity of a logo. Since logos change more often than names, it usually makes more sense to register a standard character mark to protect the business moniker itself.

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The simplest and fastest way to submit an application for a trademark is online at the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website. If you’re registering your company name, it should take about 90 minutes online. A designed logo could be a more complicated process since the logo has more details.

Logo theft is a violation that occurs when one party steals or uses another party’s trademarked logo without their permission. This is a more specific term for trademark infringement, and can take many forms. It typically involves the theft of a trademark or a service mark.

Can you sell without a trademark?

You can sell products or offer services in the United States without having a registered trademark. … There are several reasons why registering your trademark is a good idea.

Can you have a brand without a trademark?

Registering your business name for a trademark isn’t required in order for you to have trademark rights. However, a registered trademark can provide greater protection for your brand while helping you build your brand and drive business growth.