Frequent question: What value does Dell Technologies data protection provide to customers with cloud environments?

Dell Technologies, a leader in data protection technology, provides cloud-enabled data protection solutions that help customers transform their data centers for greater efficiency, resiliency and scalability throughout their journey to the cloud.

What benefits does Dell Technologies data protection provide to customers with virtual environments?

Dell Technologies also provides powerful data protection for VMware environments on-premises and in the cloud, delivering higher performance, superior deduplication and lower bandwidth usage to reduce your cost-to-protect.

Why should you include data protection with every storage deal Dell?

By protecting data from edge to core to cloud, Dell EMC data protection helps to simplify the data landscape, secure data assets and automate data services.

What is data protection in the cloud?

Cloud data protection is the practice of securing a company’s data in a cloud environment, wherever that data is located, whether it’s at rest or in motion, and whether it’s managed internally by the company or externally by a third party.

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Why dell EMC data protection?

Dell EMC data protection solutions help organizations address data management challenges and extract greater value and opportunity from data assets. By protecting data from edge to core to cloud, Dell EMC data protection helps to simplify the data landscape, secure data assets and automate data services.

Which feature of Dell EMC data protection Suite helps ensure backups complete within the backup window?


With Dell EMC CloudBoost, Data Protection Suite delivers highly-efficient, secure long-term retention of backups in private cloud through Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage or a leading public cloud of your choice, as well as backups of data and applications within the public cloud.

What is data protection solution?

Data protection is the process of safeguarding important information from corruption, compromise or loss. … Consequently, a large part of a data protection strategy is ensuring that data can be restored quickly after any corruption or loss.

What industry trend does Dell Technologies data protection address?

Trend 1: Data value

The first trend ushering in disruptive changes to data protection is exponential data growth. IDC predicts that by 2025 global data will soar to 175 zettabytes.

What is Dell backup solution?

Dell EMC enterprise backup solutions can protect everything from laptops and other edge devices to the largest enterprise data center, along with data and applications residing in on-premises infrastructure, and virtualized environments (including VMware backup and recovery) and in public, private and hybrid clouds.

What is Dell Backup and Recovery?

Dell Backup and Recovery is a backup and recovery application that is designed to reliably protect your most important digital documents and memories in just a few clicks. Backing up your data with Dell Backup and Recovery can protect against data loss resulting from: Virus attack. Accidental file deletion.

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Why data protection is important in cloud computing?

Reliability and Availability – Cloud services offer dependability to users with all web assets always available over the cloud. With the right security measures, users can safely access data and applications irrespective of the place or the device they’re using.

When managing the data assets in the cloud what are the types of cloud data protection?

According to the difference of access scope, cloud can be divided into three types: public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud.

What is the best practice in securing cloud computing?

There are several cloud security technologies that can help you accomplish the following best practices:

  1. Step 1: Apply data protection policies. …
  2. Step 2: Encrypt sensitive data with your own keys. …
  3. Step 3: Set limitations on how data is shared. …
  4. Step 4: Stop data from moving to unmanaged devices you don’t know about.

What is Data Domain Virtual Edition?

Dell EMC Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE) is a software-defined version of Dell EMC Data Domain, the world’s most trusted protection storage. It can be downloaded, deployed and configured in minutes on any server, converged or hyper-converged.

What is Dell EMC Avamar?

Dell EMC Avamar enables fast, efficient backup and recovery through its integrated variable-length deduplication technology. Avamar is optimized for fast, daily full backups of physical and virtual environments, NAS servers, enterprise applications, remote offices and desktops/laptops.

What is Dell Power store?

The Dell EMC PowerStore system is the primary midrange storage system offering from Dell Technologies alongside additional midrange offerings including Unity XT, XtremIO, and SC systems. … PowerStore is an all-solid state storage technology system supporting both flash and SCM Optane devices.

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