How can we protect workers in unorganised sector in urban areas?

How can you protect workers in the unorganised sector in urban areas?


  1. Answer: (i) Government can fix the minimum wages rate and working hours.
  2. (ii) Government can provide cheap loans to the self employed people.
  3. (iii) Government can provide cheap and affordable basic services like education, health, food to these workers.

How can we protect workers from unorganised sector?

The following are the ways in which the workers in the unorganized sector can be protected:

  1. Minimum working hours and wages should be fixed by the government.
  2. To help self-employed people, the government can provide loans.
  3. Basic services such as education, health, and food should be taken care of by the government.

How is the unorganised sector in the urban areas?

In the urban areas unorganised sector comprises mainly small-scale industry casual workers in construction trade and transport street vendors head-load workers garment makers ragpickers etc. All these workers constitute unorganized sector in urban areas. … They are looked down upon by the people in urban areas.

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Why should we protect workers in unorganised sector?

It is important to protect and support the workers in the unorganised sector as workers are exploited in this sector. It is because in unorganised sectors, the government’s rules and regulations regarding the conditions of employment are not followed. Often jobs are low paid and irregular.

How can we improve unorganised sector?


  1. A Wages to be increased.
  2. Overtime work should be paid.
  3. Better working conditions.
  4. Security in jobs.
  5. Regular payment of wages.
  6. Sick leave provision and paid leave.
  7. Retirement benefits to be provided.
  8. Medical and health facilities.

Which of the following ACT protect the workers in the organized sector?

The workers in the organised sector are covered under social security legislation like employees Provident Funds, Miscellaneous Provisions Act,1952 and Employees State Insurance Act,1948. The working groups of Planning Commission constituted subgroups in its first meeting to discuss the issues.

Who are the Unorganised sector workers who need to be protected by the government?

The worker in the unorganised sector should be protect them:

(i) Government can fix the minimum wages rate and working hours. (ii) Farmers should be supported through adequate facility for timely delivery of agricultural inputs, seeds, credit, storage and marketing facilities.

How workers are exploited in Unorganised sector?

Unorganised Sector – Different Ways of Exploitation

The earnings of the workers are not regular. The salary of the workers is very low. Workers are not given a fair wage and they are exploited to work more. These jobs do not give any extra benefits to the workers.

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How is unorganised sector now a days in urban areas?

In the urban areas, unorganised sector comprises workers in small scale industry, casual workers in construction, trade and transport, etc. It also includes street vendors, head load workers, garment markers, rag pickers, etc.

What are the features of unorganised sector?

(i)There are rules and regulations but these are not followed. Jobs here are low-paid and often not regular. (ii)There is no provision for overtime, paid leave, holidays, leave due to sickness etc. (iii)Employment is not secure.

Which of them does not generally find itself in the unorganised sector?

Answer: Rich families does not find itself in the unorganized sector.

Why is protection and support to the unorganized sector necessary for both economic and social development?

Answer: Protection and support to the unorganised sector workers is thus necessary for both economic and social development. The workers in the unorganised sector do not get paid leaves, provident fund, payment during holidays, gratuity, etc.

Why should workers be protected in the informal sector class 10?

The workers in the unorganised sector need protection on the following issues: wages, safety and health. In the construction sector, labourers are employed on a daily basis. Hence, they have no job security. Here, wages too differ from time to time.