How do I check my McAfee ENS version in Linux?

How do I find my ENS DAT version of McAfee?

In the Properties tab, highlight Threat Prevention, then look at AMCore content. It should show the version.

How do I disable McAfee ENS in Linux?


  1. Log on to the system as root user.
  2. Navigate to the /bin directory. cd /opt/isec/ens/threatprevention/bin.
  3. Enable or disable the scan: Enable On-Access Scan: ./isecav –setoasglobalconfig –oas on. Disable On-Access Scan: ./isecav –setoasglobalconfig –oas off.

Is McAfee compatible with Linux?

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Linux software delivers always-on, real-time antivirus protection for Linux environments.

How do I check my McAfee status?

Click the McAfee menulet on the status bar, then select Console → Status. The Status page also displays the protection modules that are installed on your Mac and its status.

Does McAfee ENS use DAT files?

ENS for Linux and ENS for Mac before 10.7. 0 use the V2 DAT files. ENS for Linux and ENS for Mac 10.7. 0 and later use the MED DAT files.

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What is ENS McAfee?

McAfee Endpoint Security is an integrated solution that replaces several individual legacy endpoint products, including McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, McAfee Host IPS Firewall, and McAfee SiteAdvisor web filtering.

How do I fix McAfee ENS?

To repair a VSE installation:

  1. Click Start, Programs, McAfee, VirusScan Console.
  2. Click Help, Repair Installation.
  3. Select one or more of the following, and then click OK: Restore all settings to installation defaults. …
  4. Exit the VirusScan console.

How do I restart McAfee agent in Linux?

How to stop and restart McAfee AntiVirus for Linux

  1. Click Applications.
  2. Select Accessories.
  3. Select Terminal.
  4. Type the command below and press Enter: killall -9 netsafety.

How do I disable McAfee ENS?


  1. Log on as Administrator.
  2. Click Start, Programs, McAfee, VirusScan Enterprise, VirusScan Console .
  3. Right-click Access Protection and click Disable .
  4. Leave the console open.

How do I know if McAfee is installed on Linux?

Check the installed Threat Prevention and Platform package version from ePO:

  1. Log on to the ePO console.
  2. Go to the System Tree.
  3. Click any managed Linux system.
  4. Click the Products tab.
  5. View the installed Endpoint Security for Linux Threat Prevention and Platform package version.

Is McAfee compatible with Ubuntu?

McAfee Agent Deployment

The following operating systems support installing the agent from McAfee ePO: Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 4 and later. Ubuntu Linux 8.04 and later.

Can McAfee run on Ubuntu?

Support for Ubuntu is only up to version 9.10 so no guarantee it will work with the newer kernels. 2. All the install intructions will be with the product. McAfee supply debian based DEB files (supported by Ubuntu) in the installer so you shouldn’t have any problems.

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How do I know when my McAfee expires?

Head to and Sign In with your existing credentials. Once you have logged in, go to My Account. Here, select the computer or device you wish to check the expiration date for. Your subscription information for that device will be displayed, including the expiration date.

How do I install McAfee on Linux?

Installing McAfee Agent on Linux / CentOS

  1. STEP 1: Upload the Installers.
  2. STEP 2: Extract and Run installer.
  3. STEP 3: ePO Service Check.
  4. STEP 4: Check status on ePU GUI.
  5. STEP 1: Extract and Start Installer.
  6. STEP 2: Configure ePO VirusScaner.
  7. STEP 3: Login to McAfee Virus Scan.
  8. STEP 4: Managing McAfee VirusScan for Linux.

What happens when my McAfee subscription expired?

Does my subscription still work if it has expired? McAfee products with expired subscriptions still work but do not receive updates, and so can’t protect you from new threats. When your subscription expires, you can no longer download new updates and virus definition files. … Double-click the McAfee icon in your taskbar.