How do I get security code for HSBC Mobile Banking App?

Open the HSBC Mobile Banking app on your phone and select Generate Security Code. Select Re-authentication security code. Password option – Enter your Digital Security Device passcode and select Generate code.

How do I get my security code from HSBC App Canada?

Log on with your Digital Security Device

Launch the HSBC Canada Mobile Banking app and select Generate security code. Select Log on security code. Password option – Enter your Digital Security Device password and select Generate code. Biometric authentication option – Select Use Face/Touch ID or Fingerprint ID.

How do I get my activation code for HSBC Secure Key?

Log on to online banking with your Secure Key

  1. Enter your username, (this is only required if you have not selected ‘remember my username’) and select ‘continue’
  2. The ‘With Secure Key’ tab will already be selected for you.
  3. Answer your memorable question. …
  4. Open your HSBC Mobile Banking app and select ‘Generate Security Code’

How do I activate my HSBC online security device?

Log in to Online Banking

Log on to your HSBC mobile banking app using your username. Generate the code from your Online Security Device and enter it. You will now be prompted to activate your Digital Secure Key. Select to receive your activation code by SMS or email.

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How do I activate my replacement HSBC business security device?

Using your Security Device

  1. Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on the device.
  2. Enter your PIN.
  3. Press once to delete one character, press and hold to clear the screen.
  4. After you’ve entered your PIN and you see the ‘HSBC’ screen, press the green button again to generate a log on security code.

What is a HSBC security device?

The. HSBC Security Device provides. an extra level of protection for. your online personal information. and certain types of transactions.

How do I find my security code for First Direct app?

Get a Secure Key

  1. First, you’ll need the first direct mobile banking app downloaded on your smartphone.
  2. Once you’ve logged on, just go to ‘Security Settings’ in the menu, and select ‘Activate Digital Secure Key’.
  3. We’ll then take you through the steps to get all set up.