How do I reset my Hotmail password without security questions?

How do I recover my Hotmail account?

Go to, and enter the Hotmail address you want to recover. Then type in the email address that Microsoft can use to contact you. Confirm your contact email address, check the security code and follow the on-screen steps to complete the process. Microsoft should get back to you within 24 hours.

Does Hotmail still use security questions?

Thanks. Hi there, Security questions & answers are now redundant. Two-step verification helps protect your account by making it more difficult for a hacker to sign in, even if they’ve somehow learned your password.

How do I reset my Outlook password without an old password?

Select “I forgot my password” and click “Next.” This will start the reset process. Enter your Microsoft Account and complete the captcha. The Microsoft Account is the address that you want to change the password for. Select how you want to receive your reset code.

What is my password for Hotmail?

Go to in your browser. This website allows you to reset your password for an account provided you still have access to the backup you used to set up the Hotmail or Outlook account. Enter the email address you want to recover and click Next.

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How do I change my security question on outlook?

Change Your Security Questions

  1. Access Office 365 here.
  2. If prompted, enter your email address and password.
  3. Select the Change link next to the security questions.
  4. Choose Select a new question and select a new question fom the drop-down list.
  5. Enter new answers and click save answers.

How do I restore outlook with 2 step verification?

Answer: It is highly impossible for you to recover your account, unless you remember your password or recover back your security proofs first or atleast 1 of them. This only applies if your account is two-step verification enabled, if not there’s other way to recover your account.

Is Hotmail password case sensitive?

Please be informed that when signing in, the email address is not case-sensitive, unlike your password. Thank you. Addresses can be upper or lower case. It does not matter.

How can I recover my email password without phone number?

Here’s how to recover your Gmail password without a phone number and recovery email:

  1. Go to Google Account Recovery.
  2. Enter your email.
  3. Select “Try another way to sign in”
  4. Click on “Try another way”
  5. Click on “Try another way” again.
  6. Wait for 48 hours.
  7. Check your email for the recovery link.

How do I change my password on my hotmail email account?

Change your password

From the Password security tile, select Change my password. On the Change your password page, enter your current password and then enter your new password. For additional security, select the optional checkbox which prompts you to update your password every 72 days. Select Save.

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How do I change my outlook password after it expires?

In a web browser, go to the Office 365 Portal at Attempt signing into your account, using your existing (expired) password. You will see a message that your password has expired. Follow the prompts to change your password.

How do I recover my Microsoft Outlook password?

Go to the Reset your password page. Choose the reason you need your password reset, then click Next. Enter the email address, or Skype ID you used when you made your Microsoft account. This could be any email address, or an email ending in a Microsoft domain like or