How do you secure a website source code?

How do I protect my website source code?

Some techniques for protecting your source code:

  1. Disable right click / context menu. I have done this for photographers who didn’t want their photos stolen. …
  2. Obfuscate JavaScript. …
  3. Punish the thief: Put some code in your JavaScript that will check and see if it’s on the right domain.

How do I encrypt HTML source code?

you can’t encrypt your HTML output, you can obfuscated it to make it more difficult for a human to understand. As others have pointed you, you can only obfuscate (make it more difficult to view) code on the client side.

Can you steal code from websites?

From the top menu, select Tools > Web Developer > Page Source. A new tab will open with the page’s code, which you can copy by highlighting a specific area or by right-clicking to Select All if you want all of the code. Press Ctrl+C or Command+C on your keyboard and paste it into a text or document file.

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Is it illegal to view source code?

Viewing the source is entirely legal, you are viewing the rendered source simply by viewing the website.

How do I encrypt my WordPress source code?

php . remove_action(‘wp_head’, ‘wp_generator’); If you want to remove the “Powered by WordPress” in the footer text, that’ll depend the theme you’re using. Some themes allow you to customize the footer text from the dashboard, others will need manual modifications in the footer.

How do I hide HTML code without deleting it?

The text will remain in the HTML code, but not in a user’s browser window.

  1. Launch your HTML editor. …
  2. Locate the text within the HTML document you want to hide. …
  3. Type “
  4. Type “—” followed by “>” (no quotes and no spaces) at the end of the block of text you want to hide. …
  5. Save your HTML document.

Can you encrypt website?

The keys to encrypting a website reside, literally, in the web server. To enable a web server to encrypt all content that it sends, a public key certificate must be installed.

How do you obfuscate HTML code?

Obfuscate HTML using an Online Tool

  1. Open a Web browser and navigate to or
  2. Click the “HTML Obfuscator” link on the main page in …
  3. Copy your HTML code by dragging the mouse over the desired code in the HTML editor, and the right-clicking the mouse.

How do I hide source code from public view?

“JavaScript Encryption”

This is by far the most popular way to try to hide one’s source code. It involves taking your code, using a custom made function to “encrypt” it somehow, and then putting it in an HTML file along with a function that will decrypt it for the browser.

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Can I copy source code?

It is never ok to copy and paste code from an open source project directly into your proprietary code. … Not only does copying and pasting code put your company (and perhaps your job) at risk, but it’s not leveraging the benefits that come with using open source code.

How do I copy text from a website that Cannot be copied?

If you want to copy text from a website that disabled text selection, press CTRL + U to open the website source code and copy the text directly from there.

Is copying and copying codes illegal?

In the commercial world, the main issue is Copyright and Copyright law. Basically, it is illegal to copy something unless you have the permission of the copyright owner.

Can HTML code be hacked?

Remember That HTML language is Just for web design they cannot perform any action on your crime or Firefox ! They are just code of website ! You can’t do any hacking with HTML code !

Can you get sued for copying code?

You cannot sue someone for copying software or other materials that you copied from others. Minimally creative. The work you believe has been infringed upon must have been the product of at least a minimal amount of creativity.