Is Huawei health app secure?

Huawei Health cloud provides you with a secure and reliable platform for storing your health and fitness data.

Is Huawei Health spying on me?

Originally Answered: Is it true that Huawei phones spy on you? Not particularly. There are security vulnerabilities discovered over time. Android vendors, particularly with carrier firmware have been slow, if ever, in releasing updates that fix those flaws.

How do I protect my Huawei Health app?

Follow the below steps to turn on app protections:

  1. Go to the Honor 8’s Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Advanced settings.
  3. Tap on Battery Manager.
  4. Find Protected apps and select it.
  5. You can either Protect all apps or individually toggle each application to protect it from having background data restricted.

Does Huawei Health app use data?

The Huawei Health app will record your step count even if it is not connected to the Internet. … To sync data between your wearable and Huawei Health or use the Huawei Health app to record your routes, you will need to connect the app to the Internet.

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Can you have friends on Huawei Health?

To share your fitness data to a third-party app, open the Huawei Health app, go to Me > Data sharing and select the platform you want to share too. Follow the on-screen instructio… see more. You can also share your fitness and workout data to third-party apps to compete with your friends.

Is Huawei App Gallery safe?

Is it safe to download apps from the AppGallery? Huawei AppGallery is designed to deliver a safe and secure user experience. Huawei AppGallery features a four-layer security system designed to detect malicious behaviour, facilitate privacy check and ensure app security.

Is my Huawei phone being tracked?

Go to and log in with the same HUAWEI ID that you logged in with on your lost device. Then touch Find Device (or Find My Phone). 1) On the Find my phone screen, select the device you want to locate. 2) The device’s location will appear on the map.

How do I get rid of Huawei killing apps?

Tap the three dots on the top-right corner, and then on Special access. You see several categories of advanced settings. Tap on Battery optimization. You now see the apps set as “Not allowed.” This means the apps that Huawei never kills, not even when your Battery optimization is turned on.

What are protected apps?

To help users, on their Android 7-based smartphones (Android Nougat), Huawei had a feature called “Protected Apps” which allowed users and app developers to set certain apps as “protected” so that they can keep running in the background even when the screen is closed.

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How do I add an app that is protected?

You can access the app list and add new apps to be protected by App Lock at anytime. The list of apps that are currently installed on your device will be displayed. Use the toggle switches beside the names of the apps to choose them for protection.

Can I use Huawei Health Offline?

The Huawei Health app will record your step count even if it is not connected to the Internet. However, you will need to connect the Huawei Health app to the Internet the first time you use the running course.

Does Huawei Health have a website?

huawei health website login to view health scores – HUAWEI Community.

Why Huawei Health app is not working?

Another way to fix connectivity issues on Huawei wearables is to download App Gallery. Step 1: Uninstall Health and Huawei Mobile services from your phone. Step 2: Download AppGallery APK from Huawei’s official page. Step 4: Download and install the Huawei Health app from AppGallery.

What does Huawei Health app do?

The answer is: The Huawei Health app. Now, what exactly does this app do? It helps you track your steps, the time you are active, how long you walked, how many calories you’ve burned, how much you climbed, your weight, your activities and much more, if you do own a Huawei Watch or a Huawei Smartband.

Is Huawei Health free?

Huawei Health is a free Android companion application that syncs to a Huawei smartwatch to track various tasks. There are plenty of supported activities that help you monitor your progress after a quick login. You’ll have to download and update Huawei Health to properly use the functions of your wearable.

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