Is Norton Mobile Security good?

Does Norton Mobile Security actually work?

Norton Secure VPN is compatible with PCs, Mac, Android smartphones and tablets, iPads, and iPhones. Norton Secure VPN may be used on the specified number of devices – with unlimited use during the subscription term.

Why is Norton Mobile Security being discontinued?

As of April 2019, Norton Security has been replaced by Norton 360. Norton 360 is the latest antivirus and Internet security product made by Norton LifeLock. In order to simplify its security software offers, NortonLifeLock retired the following security products: … Norton Security Premium.

Does Norton Mobile protect from hackers?

Norton’s industry leading software protects your PCs, laptops and smartphones from hackers and cybercriminals.

Should I use Norton on my iPhone?

Yes. Your iOS device can fall prey to virus and malware attacks. Norton Mobile Security for iOS can help protect against the various ways these attacks can get into your devices, such as Wi-Fi man-in-the-middle attacks, malicious websites, and operating system exploits.

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Is Norton 360 mobile Safe?

Norton 360 for Mobile helps protect 1 Android or iOS device against malware and online threats, plus includes our Secure VPN for online privacy and Dark Web Monitoring§.

Can Norton scan iPhone for viruses?

Norton 360 for mobile provides powerful layers of phone protection and award-winning mobile security for your Apple device. It combines security and antivirus features to help protect against ransomware, malware, spyware, and other online threats so you can bank, browse and shop online with more peace of mind.

Does Norton 360 replace Norton Mobile Security?

As a result, we have decided to replace the Norton Mobile Security app with the new Norton 360 app. For Android, starting November 2020, you will receive an update to your existing Norton Mobile Security for Android app to the new Norton 360 for Android app.

Is Norton 360 better than Norton Deluxe?

Norton 360 has been released in United States in April 2019. … This latest Norton 360 has replaced the Norton Security product. The main difference between the two products is in that Norton 360 provides Secure VPN, PC SafeCam, and Dark Web Monitoring. It also provides more of online storage for PC backups and files.

Should I trust Norton?

Is Norton a good antivirus program? Norton 360 is probably the best antivirus software we’ve tested. It offers 100% protection against all types of malware. And it offers a lot of fantastic security features, including parental controls, cloud backup and access to Norton Secure VPN.

Does Norton Mobile Security remove viruses?

For Android Devices:

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Antiphishing Web Protection – Protects against online scams by blocking fraudulent websites. Malware Protection – Scans and removes apps with viruses, spyware and other threats. … Remote Locate – Pinpoints your lost or stolen Android device on a map.

Do mobile phones need virus protection?

In most cases, Android smartphones and tablets do not need installing the antivirus. However, it is equally valid that Android viruses exist and the antivirus with useful features can add an extra layer of security.

Do I need Norton Security on my Android phone?

You probably don’t need to install Lookout, AVG, Norton, or any of the other AV apps on Android. … For example, your phone already has antivirus protection built-in.

Does Norton protect from hackers on iPhone?

Norton is the leading antivirus app for Android and iOS devices and will protect your phone against all types of cyberthreats, including phishing links, identity theft, viruses, malware, and more.

What is the best antivirus for iPhone?

Best iPhone antivirus apps:

  • Bitdefender Antivirus – the best antivirus for iPhone.
  • Norton 360 – all-around iPhone virus protection.
  • TotalAV – real-time protection and VPN.
  • McAfee – best protection against malware.
  • Avira Antivirus – a feature-packed lightweight solution.

How does Norton Mobile Security work?

Call and Text Blocker, works to protect you against calls and mobile spam that you don’t want. … SIM Card Lock3 works to lock your phone down automatically if anyone removes your SIM card from it. Contacts Backup2 restores and shares your contact information across your Android, iPad or iPhone.

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