Question: How do you add sensors to Xfinity Security?

On the Sensor & Zones screen, tap Add a Sensor/Zone. On the Locating Wireless Sensor screen, do the following, then tap Next. Activate the sensor by removing the plastic tab from the sensor’s back. Place the sensor face-up on a flat surface with the flat end faces touching each other.

Can you add your own cameras to Xfinity Home?

What is this? You can even buy Xfinity cameras from previous owners and go on to set up your own system. To set up your own system, all you need is the Xfinity camera, Y-cable connector, a pin, and a network connection with all the devices you want to use with the camera and internet.

How do I add equipment to Comcast?

Replacing Your TV Boxes and Modems – FAQs

  1. Go to and follow the on-screen prompts to order new equipment. …
  2. Contact us to place an order, ask questions or schedule a professional installation. …
  3. For TV Boxes, just use your own TV!

How do you set up a motion sensor?

How to install a motion sensor

  1. Unbox your motion detector. Your motion sensor kit should come with some instructions and mounting hardware. …
  2. Decide on a location. …
  3. Mount the sensor. …
  4. Connect your sensor to your system. …
  5. Adjust your motion detection settings. …
  6. Maintain your motion detector.
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Do Xfinity motion sensors have cameras?

This camera does support 24/7 Video Recording service, which is an additional $9.95 per month and covers up to 4 cameras. The xCam2 does support Motion notifications. This will send a snapshot picture of motion to your mobile device via a push notification.

What is a PIM sensor Xfinity?

OpenHome Converge Panel Interface Module (PIM) is a professional state-of-the-art device that allows you to manage your wired system and its sensors from your TouchScreen.

Does Xfinity Home have glass break sensors?

Between those partnerships and its own products, Xfinity is able to offer a pretty comprehensive selection of home security devices. The company has even added glass break detectors as an add-on option since our last review.

Does Xfinity monitor fire?

Xfinity Home Smoke Monitoring uses Smoke and Heat Detectors that, together with your primary system, are designed to keep your property safe. When an alarm is triggered, our Smoke Detectors alert the Central Monitoring Station, which will notify appropriate emergency personnel for you, even if you aren’t at home.

Does Xfinity cameras have night vision?

Xfinity Home offers indoor/outdoor cameras with night vision and other high-quality features. Build your security system so that it protects you day and night.

How many Xfinity cameras can you have?

The maximum number of Cameras that can be enabled for 24/7 Video Recording at the same time is six.

How many cameras can you have on Xfinity Home?

Xfinity Camera + 24/7 Video Recording

*24/7 Video Recording plan supports up to six cameras. Taxes and fees extra. Pricing subject to change. See if packages were delivered, check on the kids or pets, and more.

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How much does Xfinity X1 cost?

The Xfinity X1 set-top box costs $5 per month for your first box, and each additional TV box costs $9.95.

What is the newest Xfinity box?

What is the latest Xfinity cable box? The ARRIS XG1v4 and ARRIS Xi6 are the latest Xfinity X1 cable boxes. Both models support 4K video, and they have the full X1 app library.

How many X1 boxes can you have?

Required X1 Equipment

You can order up to two boxes at one time. You’ll be able to order a third box once your other replacement boxes have shipped.