Question: What do we get from protective foods?

What does Protective food give us?


  • Protective foods are considered to be containing significant quantities of antioxidants that cause free radicals harmless.
  • Since protective food provides protection and defends our body from multiple diseases and illnesses.
  • Foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins are referred to as protective foods.

What are the protective components of the food?

Minerals, carbohydrate and proteins.

What are protective foods Why are they called so?

ANSWER-Vitamins and minerals are called protective food. They are called so because they protect our body from various disease.

What are protective foods give three examples?

Protective foods contain a large number of minerals, vitamins and high quality proteins which can be used to protect the body against deficiency diseases like scurvy, beriberi etc. Some examples of protective foods include meat, citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, eggs and milk.

Why is protective food important?

VEGETABLES & FRUITS are called protective foods. Our body requires Vitamins and Minerals for various vital processes of life and for formation of blood, bones and teeth. These VITAMINS & MINERALS though needed in small quantities are very important for regulating various bodily functions.

How are the protein important for the body?

Protein has many roles in your body. It helps repair and build your body’s tissues, allows metabolic reactions to take place and coordinates bodily functions. In addition to providing your body with a structural framework, proteins also maintain proper pH and fluid balance.

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