Question: What is backup protection and why is it required?

Backup protection: The backup protection provides the back up to the main protection whenever it fails in operation or it’s cut out for repairs. The backup protection is the second line of defense which isolates the faulty section of the system in case the main protection fails to function properly.

Why protection system is required?

The objective of power system protection is to isolate a faulty section of electrical power system from rest of the live system so that the rest portion can function satisfactorily without any severe damage due to fault current.

Which is used for backup protection?

– Relay back-up : Same circuit breaker is used by both main and back-up protection, but protective systems are different. Separate trip coils may be provided for the same-breaker. – Breaker Back-up: Different breakers are provided for main and back up protection, both the breakers are being in the same station.

What is the requirement of protection?

The protection system must be adequately sensitive to sense the fault or abnormal condition or the short circuit current and operate reliably when required. Sensitivity is the smallest value of the actuating quantity which causes the operation of the protection system.

What are the basic requirement of a protection system?

The following are the basic requirements of any power system protection system: Reliability. Simplicity. Selectivity.

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What does backup protection mean?

The backup protection is the second line of defence which isolates the faulty section of the system in case the main protection fail to function properly. … The backup protection is mainly used where the main protection of the adjacent circuit is unable to backup the main protection of the given circuit.

What is difference between primary and backup protection?

The primary protection is the first line of defense and is responsible to protect all the power system elements from all the types of faults. The backup protection comes into play only when the primary protection fails.

What are primary and backup protection?

Primary protection (Main protection) is the essential protection provided for protecting an equivalent/machine or a part of the power system. As a precautionary measure, addition protection is generally provided and is called Backup Protection.