Quick Answer: What do security clearance Investigators ask?

Additionally, it asks for information about criminal records, illegal drug involvement, financial delinquencies, certain types of mental health treatment, alcohol-related incidents and counseling, military service, prior clearances and investigations, civil court actions, misuse of computer systems, and subversive …

What questions do security clearance Investigators ask?

Additionally, it asks for information about arrests, illegal drug involvement, financial delinquencies, mental health counseling, alcohol counseling, military service, prior clearances, civil court actions, and subversive activities.

What do security clearance Investigators ask your references?

For more personal relationships, you may be asked about drug usage, money issues, criminal records, and whether or not you perceive the person to be patriotic. Suggest others that the person may know.

What will I be asked during a security clearance interview?

A government–issued photo ID. A personal address book or a list of your contacts. Any relevant documents that may resolve any pending security issues. This could include your passports, financial documents, court records, and birth certificate—or anything else relevant to your case.

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What will deny you a security clearance?

However, your application may be denied for various reasons like drug involvement, financial debt or affluence, reckless sexual behavior, gambling addiction, undue foreign influence, technology misuse, or other behavior the government considers as a risk to national security.

Who do they interview for Top Secret clearance?

For a secret clearance in a national security position, the investigation requires agents to interview people who have lived or worked with the applicant at some point in the last seven years (or more).

What can disqualify you for a top secret clearance?

Top secret clearance holders must have no significant financial concerns. If the background check reveals a considerable amount of debt, missed payments, tax evasion, collection judgments, check fraud, foreclosures, embezzlement or bankruptcies, your application might be rejected.

What is a background investigation interview?

A background check is a screening process through which an individual or company can verify your identity. Prospective employers commonly request background checks during the job interview process to ensure you aren’t a liability to their organization.

What do background investigators ask former employers?

That basically covers your employment history for a period of 7 years, as well as everything else (residence history, Crim history, vacation history, foreign contacts, etc.). The investigator will have that information you listed, whether it’s correct or not.

Do they call your references for secret clearance?

4 People You Should List as References on Your Security Clearance Application. Like any other application, those applying for security clearance need references—people who can vouch for not just your work ethic, but also your trustworthiness and your likelihood of trying to overthrow the government.

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Do security clearances check Internet history?

Security clearance background investigators do not check your browsing history, read your emails, surveil your every move, bug your telephones, or photograph you commuting to work.

What does a security clearance background check consist of?

The security clearance process typically includes a FBI reference check of former employers, coworkers, friends, neighbors, landlords, and schools along with a review of credit, tax, and police records.

Do people fail security clearance?

Your security clearance could be refused even if the fact that was concealed would not have meant you would have failed the clearance initially. If after you have gained the clearance and the information was then discovered the clearance may also be reneged.

Is it hard to get a secret clearance?

Obtaining a security clearance is no easy task, and not everyone who applies will be granted access. … Stringent suitability requirements, particularly in the intelligence community, weed out many unqualified applicants before they ever reach security clearance processing.

How does a security clearance investigation work?

Using information obtained during the background investigation, the agency will make a determination as to the character and trustworthiness of the individual, and decide if he or she will be eligible for access to classified national security information.