Quick Answer: What is the purpose of guard page?

The guard page causes a segmentation fault upon any access. As a result, any attempt by an attacker to overwrite adjacent memory in the course of exploiting a buffer overflow causes the vulnerable program to terminate rather than continue execution of the attacker-supplied code.

What are guard pages?

A guard page provides a one-shot alarm for memory page access. This can be useful for an application that needs to monitor the growth of large dynamic data structures. For example, there are operating systems that use guard pages to implement automatic stack checking.

What is stack guard page?

(the page at the top of the stack) such that any instruction which. attempts to write to the page will cause a segmentation fault. That’s your stack guard page; it means that your infinitely recursing. function won’t go off an scribble over its neighbouring thread’s stack, it’ll just segfault like a good little thread.

What is prot_ none?

PROT_NONE. This flag must be specified on its own. The memory is reserved, but cannot be read, written, or executed. If this flag is specified in a call to mmap , a virtual memory area will be set aside for future use in the process, and mmap calls without the MAP_FIXED flag will not use it for subsequent allocations.

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How do you fix a new guard page for the stack Cannot be created?

Error message: A new guard page for the stack cannot be created

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Which of the following mark memory regions as non executable such that an attempt to execute machine code in these regions will cause an exception?

In computer security, executable-space protection marks memory regions as non-executable, such that an attempt to execute machine code in these regions will cause an exception. It makes use of hardware features such as the NX bit, or in some cases software emulation of those features.

What is the main functionality of a StackGuard and explain how stack guard works?

StackGuard is a compiler extension that enhances the executable code produced by the compiler so that it detects and thwarts buffer-overflow attacks against the stack. … If the re- turn address cannot be changed, then the attacker has no way of invoking the injected attack code, and the attack method is thwarted.

How Canary prevent buffer overflow?

Typically, buffer overflow protection modifies the organization of data in the stack frame of a function call to include a “canary” value that, when destroyed, shows that a buffer preceding it in memory has been overflowed. This provides the benefit of preventing an entire class of attacks.

What can make a buffer overflow a security problem?

A buffer overflow, or buffer overrun, occurs when more data is put into a fixed-length buffer than the buffer can handle. The extra information, which has to go somewhere, can overflow into adjacent memory space, corrupting or overwriting the data held in that space.

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Can mmap fail?

The mmap() function shall fail if: EACCES. The fildes argument is not open for read, regardless of the protection specified, or fildes is not open for write and PROT_WRITE was specified for a MAP_SHARED type mapping.

How does Mprotect () protect memory?

The function mprotect() specifies the desired protection for the memory page(s) containing part or all of the interval [addr,addr+len-1]. If an access is disallowed by the protection given it, the program receives a SIGSEGV. The memory cannot be accessed at all. The memory can be read.

What is Mprotect C?

The mprotect() function is used to change the access protection of a memory mapping to that specified by protection. All whole pages of the process’s address space, that were established by the mmap() function, addressed from addr continuing for a length of len will be affected by the change of access protection.