What is a guard stack?

What is stack guard?

StackGuard is a compiler extension that enhances the executable code produced by the compiler so that it detects and thwarts buffer-overflow attacks against the stack. The effect is transparent to the normal function of programs.

How do guard pages work?

The guard page causes a segmentation fault upon any access. As a result, any attempt by an attacker to overwrite adjacent memory in the course of exploiting a buffer overflow causes the vulnerable program to terminate rather than continue execution of the attacker-supplied code.

What are guard pages?

A guard page provides a one-shot alarm for memory page access. This can be useful for an application that needs to monitor the growth of large dynamic data structures. For example, there are operating systems that use guard pages to implement automatic stack checking.

Can Terminator Canaries be overwritten by gets?

Terminator canaries

This type of protection can be bypassed by an attacker overwriting the canary with its known values and the return address with specially-crafted value resulting in a code execution.

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Do stack canaries prevent overflow?

First of all, stack canaries only protect against return address smashing through buffer overflows. But there are other ways to corrupt memory: indirect pointer overwrite or format string vulnerabilities to name two. Second, stack canaries may be bypassed by overwriting them with the original value.

How do stack canaries work?

A stack canary is a value placed on the stack so that it will be overwritten by a stack buffer that overflows to the return address. It allows detection of overflows by verifying the integrity of the canary before function return.

How do you fix a new guard page for the stack Cannot be created?

Error message: A new guard page for the stack cannot be created

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Which of the following mark memory regions as non executable such that an attempt to execute machine code in these regions will cause an exception?

In computer security, executable-space protection marks memory regions as non-executable, such that an attempt to execute machine code in these regions will cause an exception. It makes use of hardware features such as the NX bit, or in some cases software emulation of those features.

What is a stack Canary intended to prevent?

Stack canaries, named for their analogy to a canary in a coal mine, are used to detect a stack buffer overflow before execution of malicious code can occur. This method works by placing a small integer, the value of which is randomly chosen at program start, in memory just before the stack return pointer.

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What is __ Stack_chk_fail?

__stack_chk_fail , a callback function that is invoked when a stack buffer overflow is detected. This function shall abort the function that called it with a message that a stack buffer overflow has been detected, and then halt the program via exit , abort , or a custom panic handler. This function must not return!

What does FNO stack protector do?

-fno-stack-protector disables stack protection. -fstack-protector enables stack protection for vulnerable functions that contain: A character array larger than 8 bytes. … A call to alloca() with either a variable size or a constant size bigger than 8 bytes.