What is the current Security exam?

The current version of Security+, SY0-601, has been available since Nov. 12, 2020, and, once again, CompTIA modified exam domains to reflect what’s happening in the industry.

Should I take security+ 501 or 601?

If you have not started studying for either version of the Security+ certification, we recommend that you take the newer Security+ SY0-601. If you already have invested time and money studying for the Security+ SY0-501, we recommend you take the SY0-501.

Is the Security+ test hard?

Earning a Security+ certification is not easy, but with proper preparation, focused training, and practice, you will achieve it and deliver rewarding results in your job and career. Here are 5 tips to help you prepare for and pass the Security+ exam.

What does CompTIA Security+ cover?

CompTIA Security+ covers network security concepts, threats and vulnerabilities, access control, identity management, cryptography, and much more.

What is the pass rate for Security+?

Remember the passing score on the Security+ is 83%, if you score anywhere from 50%-70% you are in very good shape! If you didn’t as well as you expected on the initial exam, don’t worry.

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Is Security+ easier than Network+?

If you are a beginner then the CompTIA Security+ exam is more difficult than the CompTIA Network+ certification exam. CompTIA Security+ validates your ability to handle core security functions as well as understand the network architecture and components.

How many questions can you miss on Security+ exam?

In layman’s terms you need a 83 1/3% to pass, so by that you can miss 16 questions. Obviously because each question isn’t weighted the same it may be more or less.

How many questions are on the Security+ 601 exam?

Security+ SYO-601 Exam Details

Number of Questions: Maximum of 90
Exam format: Traditional—can move back and forth to view previous questions
Time to complete exam: 90 minutes (does not include time to complete pretest and post-test surveys)
Passing score: 750 (on a scale of 100 to 900)

Can you pass Security Plus with no experience?

But before we begin, let’s go through the exam format. CompTIA recommends gaining 2 years of IT experience along with the A+ and Networking+ certifications before taking Security+. … However, while these would certainly help in understanding the core concepts, it is possible to pass the exam without them.

Is CompTIA Security+ for beginners?

No matter what method you choose, studying for and earning CompTIA Security+ is great cybersecurity training for beginners and can help you launch your cybersecurity career.

Is the CompTIA Security+ worth it?

CompTIA Security+ is a popular cybersecurity certification. More than 600,000 IT pros have earned it. … Other goals may include getting a vendor-neutral cybersecurity certification or a DoD-approved cert. If you have any of these IT career goals, CompTIA Security+ is worth it for you.

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HOW LONG IS Security+ certification good for?

Your CompTIA Security+ certification is good for three years from the date you pass your certification exam. Through our continuing education (CE) program, you can easily renew CompTIA Security+ and extend it for additional three-year periods.