What is the need to develop protected areas?

Protected areas help to mitigate extreme weather events, enhance carbon storage, and provide space for plants and animals to adapt to a changing climate. 4. To maintain functioning ecosystems and the benefits they provide. Protected areas provide clean air and water, healthy soils, wild foods and medicines.

Why do we need to protect the protected areas?

Protected areas provide for life’s essentials. They protect natural resources that are critical to many people on earth. Within these areas, genetic diversity is permitted to evolve in response to natural selection pressures. … Protected areas provide for life’s diversity in safeguarding species and habitats.

For what purpose are protected areas established?

Protected areas are valuable because of the environmental, social, economic and cultural goods and services provided by the ecosystems protected, the flora and fauna comprised in those areas, and the current and potential economic activities related to biodiversity management and conservation.

What are the need to create protected areas in India?

Effectively managed protected areas are a critical tool for safeguarding biodiversity, maintaining ecosystem balance, preserving important habitats, building resilience to climate change, providing global food security, maintaining water quality, conserving natural resources, driving economic success, curbing the …

How are protected areas protected?

Building resilience. The National Reserve System is Australia’s natural safety net in the face of threats from climate change. … Protected areas build resilience by controlling other habitat threats such as weeds and feral animals, by managing water resources and regenerating vegetation.

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How do protected areas benefit biodiversity and human?

Protected areas provide places for recreation: for people to exercise and gain mental and spiritual renewal, and to gain appreciation for biodiversity that will in turn promote a conservation ethic that values and protects biodiversity.

How should we protect our wildlife?

3)More National Parks and Sanctuaries should be built throughout the country to protect the natural environments of wild animals and birds. 4) The Department of Government should conduct a wildlife conservation survey in all forests on a regular basis.