You asked: How do I get rid of First Direct Secure Key?

First, get your old phone and log on to the mobile banking App. Then, on the ‘more’ menu, go to security settings. Then tap ‘deactivate Digital Secure Key’. And then ‘deactivate now’.

Can you access first direct without secure key?

If you don’t have a Secure Key

You’ll need one before you can access our App or Online Banking.

What is my first direct digital secure key?

What is a Digital Secure Key? Digital Secure Key is part of our App and generates a unique, single use security code which a criminal can’t replicate. Have a look at our App page to see if you have a compatible device.

Can you change the battery in a HSBC Secure Key?

The batteries for your Secure Key are unique to the device. If your battery has run out of power, please contact us and we’ll order a new device for you.

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What is a banking secure key?

Secure Key is a device for creating a one-time password which enhances security when you log in HSBC Bank Retail Internet Banking.

How do I reset my HSBC security code?

To do this, start logging on to Online Banking and enter your Username. At the next screen click the ‘Forgotten your Secure Key PIN’, follow the on screen instructions and you will be given a PIN Reset Code.

Can First Direct App use Face ID?

Yes, you can enable Touch ID or Face ID by going to your device ‘Settings’ and following the instructions to capture the biometric supported by your mobile device. You’ll also need to set up a device passcode, if you’ve not already done this.

How does a digital secure key work?

Digital Secure Key, a function of HSBC Mobile Banking application, is an application of one time password generation, which you can use in your iOS and Android mobile devices. Following the activation of Digital Secure Key, you can access the HSBC Mobile Banking application just with a single password.

What is a HSBC Digital Secure Key?

Digital Secure Key, a function of the HSBC Mobile Banking application, is a one-time password generation application which strengthens your security in accessing HSBC Bank Retail Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

How do I change my address with First Direct?

You can update your address in our App. Just visit the ‘More’ menu and select ‘Profile’. Read our change of address FAQs for more help. You can update your address in our App.

What do you do if your HSBC Secure Key stops working?

How do I replace a lost or damaged Secure Key? If you’ve lost your Secure Key, call 03456 002 290 so we can deactivate it. You can then either upgrade to a Digital Secure Key or order a replacement. If you can still use it, you can order a new physical Secure Key using Chat.

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How do I unlock my HSBC security device?

Unlock your device, then from the HSBC screen press and hold button 8 for 2 seconds to access the change PIN function. Step 2. Enter your new 4 to 8 digit PIN using the keypad (Press the green button if you need to delete one character and hold it to clear the screen).

How do I change my HSBC security device?

If you lose your HSBC Security Device, please call the Contact Center at 866.537. 4722 and we will order you a new one.

How do I change my first direct PIN number?

Simple steps for changing your PIN

  1. find the welcome screen with the ‘HELLO’ message.
  2. press and hold down the number 8 until the ‘NEW PIN’ message appears.
  3. enter your new PIN and press the yellow button.
  4. you’ll then see the ‘PIN CONF’ message on screen.

How do I set up a new payee on First Direct?

Log onto your App and select ‘Move Money’ on the main home page. Then, choose the account you’d like to move money from. Type in the new payee’s bank details here. Now select the payee’s account type and add the details to save your new payee.

How do I change my first direct password?

Resetting your password is painless. Open up your Mobile Banking App, and select ‘Forgotten your password? ‘ just underneath the Log on button. You’ll then need to type in the answers to the two memorable questions that you set up when registering for a Digital Secure Key.