You asked: How does duty of care apply to your role as a security officer?

It is the responsibility of every employer to take reasonable care of its employees. In the security industry this includes understanding and assessing the risks of each work place and having documented expectations in terms of a safe working environment for staff.

Who does the duty of care apply to?

‘Duty of care’ is a phrase used to describe the obligations implicit in your role as a health or social care worker. As a health or social care worker you owe a duty of care to your patients/ service users, your colleagues, your employer, yourself and the public interest.

What is your duty of care in the workplace?

Your duty of care is your legal duty to take reasonable care so that others aren’t harmed. … It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all reasonably practicable measures have been taken to control risks against all possible injuries arising from the workplace.

How is duty of care applied in an organisation?

The principle of duty of care is that you have an obligation to avoid acts or omissions, which could be reasonably foreseen to injure of harm other people. This means that you must anticipate risks for your clients and take care to prevent them coming to harm.

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How do you maintain your duty of care at your workplace?

You must ensure that:

  1. the work environment, systems of work, machinery and equipment are safe and properly maintained.
  2. chemicals are used, handled and stored safely.
  3. adequate workplace facilities are available.
  4. information, training, instruction and supervision are provided.

What are the benefits of duty of care?

Make employee well-being and work-life balance a priority. Enhance working conditions. Greater investment will help your workforce to be more content and the business will benefit from better productivity, profitability and staff retention. Broaden employee-related risk assessment.

What is an example of duty of care?

This duty of care only applies in areas where you rely on them. For example, a doctor would owe you a duty of care to make sure that they give you proper medical attention, but would not owe you a duty of care in other areas like taking care of your finances.

What are the 4 responsibilities associated with duty of care?

What is Duty of Care?

  • By making a clear policy statement on duty of care. …
  • Training all relevant individuals on the basic issues.
  • Keeping the training up to date.
  • Keeping up-to-date training records and displaying certification.
  • Providing clear communication channels for reporting concerns.