Your question: Is protective custody safer than general population?

Is protective custody better than general population?

It depends on whom the inmate needs protection from. A “PC unit” is any group of inmates segregated from the general prison population for their safety. … These measures protect inmates from the general prison population but aren’t very good at keeping inmates safe from others in the PC unit.

Is it bad to be in protective custody?

Many new to the prison experience ponder simply going into protective custody rather than risking the potential conflicts inherent with placement in general population. Generally speaking this is a bad idea, at least as an initial prison placement. … The life of the protective custody inmate is not pleasant.

Why do inmates go into protective custody?

Protective custody (PC) is a type of imprisonment (or care) to protect a person from harm, either from outside sources or other prisoners. … Prisoners have the opportunity to request protective custody if they get the impression that the environment they are living in is harmful to their well being.

What is life like in protective custody?

In protective custody, you live a relatively normal prison life and don’t have the same level of isolation that you do in solitary. Protective custody is usually reserved for high profile inmates, law enforcement, rapists, child rapists – anyone another inmate might want to harm in general population.

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Why does it say not in BOP custody?

“NOT IN BOP CUSTODY” means that the inmate isn’t physically located at a Federal Bureau of Prisons facility. In this situation, the inmate’s in transit, and in US Marshals Service’s custody.

What are protection prisoners?

Protection. If there are concerns that a prisoner is at risk of harm from other inmates, they can be placed on protection (also called ‘limited association’). Protection means being placed in a special section of the correctional centre, or being sent to a correctional centre where everyone is on protection.