Your question: What is the proper way to report a potential information security incident?

How should an information security incident be reported?

Any IT incident occurring outside secure office premises should be reported immediately to the NICE IT department. The IT department maintains its own system security for portable media and the IT network.

What is the proper way to report a potential information security incident at ASU?

To report an event or incident, contact the ASU Help Desk at 1-855-278-5080. For events that do not require an immediate response, email or visit Review systems and accounts for unnecessary access.

When should a security incident be reported?

Security unit liaisons or their designees must report suspected serious incidents (reported to or identified by them) within the 24 hour timeframe.

What is security incident reporting?

Security incident reporting systems are used to keep track of thefts, losses, and other types of security events that occur at an organization. … This should not only include serious events such as major thefts and assaults, but also less serious events such as graffiti and minor vandalism.

What are the two types of security incidents?

Types of Security Incidents

  • Brute force attacks—attackers use brute force methods to breach networks, systems, or services, which they can then degrade or destroy. …
  • Email—attacks executed through an email message or attachments. …
  • Web—attacks executed on websites or web-based applications.
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Which of the following are information security incidents?

Examples of security incidents include:

  • Computer system breach.
  • Unauthorized access to, or use of, systems, software, or data.
  • Unauthorized changes to systems, software, or data.
  • Loss or theft of equipment storing institutional data.
  • Denial of service attack.
  • Interference with the intended use of IT resources.