Frequent question: What are some synonyms for the word protective?

What is the synonym of protective?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for protective, like: shielding, guarding, protecting, injurious, having built-in protection, prophylactic, attacking, threatening, hurtful, allow and unprotective.

What is a synonym and antonym for protective?

Antonyms: careless, tough, unprotective. Synonyms: protective(p) protectiveadjective.

What is a word for protecting yourself?

What is another word for self-protective?

protective defensive
proactive impeding
blocking bulletproof
precautional cautionary
contraceptive safekeeping

What does it mean to be protective over someone?

If someone is protective toward you, they look after you and show a strong desire to keep you safe. He is very protective toward his mother.

What’s a synonym for should?

must, need, ought (to), shall.

What is a protective boyfriend?

Being a protective boyfriend involves being considerate, thoughtful and ready to ensure the safety of your lover. Avoid being jealous and desperate and you’ll show your partner that you are capable of protecting them.

What is the synonym of shield?

synonyms for shield

  • armor.
  • buffer.
  • bulwark.
  • safeguard.
  • shelter.
  • absorber.
  • aegis.
  • armament.

What do you call a person who supports and stands up for someone else?

altruistic Add to list Share. Someone who is altruistic always puts others first. An altruistic firefighter risks his life to save another’s life, while an altruistic mom gives up the last bite of pie so her kid will be happy.

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How can you tell if someone is protective?

A protective man will not ask you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, he will never make you feel unsafe. He will always respect your wishes. Further, he’ll give you your space, respect you completely, and see you eye to eye. Nobody’s perfect, but he’ll be doing his best.

How can I be protective of my girlfriend?

Offer her to pay the rest. When you are together, be aware of her physical surroundings. Put her in a better seat, shield her from the sun, ask her if she is cold/comfortable/needs a drink. If you ever come across bad guys (hopefully, it won’t happen) you will be expected to protect her from them.

How does a man protect his woman?

A Gentleman Protects Her Heart

If a gentleman is interested in a girl, he won’t ask her to “hang out.” He protects her heart by guarding his own. She’ll never catch him staring at other women. He won’t cheat on her, and he keeps boundaries when he talks to other women.