How can I protect my laptop from being stolen at college?

Will my laptop get stolen in college?

Theft is the most common crime on college campuses. Laptop and other portable electronic devices are easy targets. In addition to the cost of replacement, they often have personal information and data that can be difficult or impossible to recover and protect.

How do I secure my laptop in college dorm?

Keep your laptop secure on campus

  1. Register your laptop with campus safety. Most colleges and universities let you register your laptop. …
  2. Insure your laptop. …
  3. Lock it when you’re not near it. …
  4. Always keep your dorm room or apartment locked. …
  5. Install tracking software.

Will my PC get stolen in college?

Having Lojak installed gives you the best chance possible of having your stolen laptop recovered and returned to you. … Bottom line: Keeping your laptop safe and secure on campus takes planning, diligence and common sense. Following the suggestions listed above can help keep your computer and data safe and sound.

How can I protect my computer from being stolen?

5 steps to protect your data in case of computer theft

  1. Lock your computer with a strong and unique password. …
  2. Safeguard all passwords. …
  3. Consistently lock your screen when you step away. …
  4. Encrypt your hard drive. …
  5. Regularly back up your encrypted hard drive to another location.
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Do college dorms get robbed?

Move-in day is an exciting time for all college students. … Yet, before all that the most exciting time for any college students is when they finally grasp their independence through their dorm life. However, living in the dorms can be dangerous as 11,000 dormitory robberies occur every year.

Do college dorms have locks?

Most dormitories use a keycard or other system to secure the entrances. Those doors will be locked at set times, usually overnight. You should know and follow the rules, which exist for your safety. Entrances should never be propped open after hours because it can put you and everyone else in the dorm at risk.

How do you prevent dorm theft?

If you want to keep yourself protected from theft in your dorm, it is important to have the right precautionary measures.


  1. Invest in a drawer with a secure lock.
  2. Always keep the keys to your belongings with you.
  3. Do not let roommates touch your belongings without your permission.

Can I have a security camera in my dorm?

Between your roommate, your RA, and other people coming and going through your room, you’ll want to keep an eye on all that foot traffic. For just under $40, you can outfit your dorm with this state-of-the-art smart security camera. … But first, check with a landlord or RA to ensure security cameras are allowed.

Do Burglars Take desktop computers?

Instead of going for big electronic devices such as televisions and desktops, burglars opt for smaller electronics such as laptops, gaming consoles, and tablets. These items are very easy to sell off for a good amount of money and also relatively easy to carry.

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How do you physically secure a computer?

Do not leave your devices unattended in public areas. Store devices in secure areas such as a locked desk or office. Lock publicly-accessible non-portable devices to solid fixtures such as walls or tables to prevent theft. Do not leave physical documents containing sensitive University information in public areas.

What is the best method of protecting a computer system that is connected to the Internet?

Use a firewall.

Windows and macOS have built-in firewalls – software designed to create a barrier between your information and the outside world. Firewalls prevent unauthorized access to your business network and alert you to any intrusion attempts. Make sure the firewall is enabled before you go online.