What does bonus protection mean?

What does bonus protection mean? Most car insurance companies operate under the bonus-malus system. This means that the premium decreases from year to year if no accidents occur – until the lowest premium level is reached.

What is bonus protection?

Customer Service. Your discount may be reduced or lost if you make a claim or a claim is made against you, even if you were not at fault, such as if your car was stolen. Some insurers will allow you to pay a sum that guarantees all or part of your no claims discount.

What is the difference between step back and bonus protection?

What is Step Back Bonus Protection? Step Back Bonus Protection usually costs less than Full No Claims Protection, but also offers you a lower level of cover. In the event that a claim is made against your insurance then you will lose a part of your no claims bonus.

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What does it mean no claim bonus protection?

Frequently referred to as no-claims discount protection, protecting your NCB allows you to have a certain amount of ‘at fault’ accidents without affecting the bonus. This means that your no-claims bonus remains intact even if your insurer can’t claim their costs back.

Can you protect 3 years no claims bonus?

You can pay to guarantee or protect your NCB. ‘Guaranteed’ means a claim won’t reduce your bonus but you won’t get extra discount that insurance period. ‘Protected’ allows two claims in three years before the bonus is reduced, and, again, you won’t get any discount in that period.

Is it worth to have no claim bonus protection?

If you have five years’ no claims discount, it will significantly cut the cost of your car insurance. You could lose all that for just one accident. … By protecting your no claims discount, you’ll be locking in that discount. You’ll continue to pay less on your premium even if you have an accident.

How do I protect my NCB?

A way to safeguard your no claims discount is to pay an additional amount on top of your car insurance to protect it. This means that even if you were to make a claim, your no claims bonus would stay intact.

What happens to no claims bonus if I sell my car?

Although your bonus is attributed to a specific policy, it can be transferred to another car if you change vehicles. If you switch insurers before the year is up, however, you won’t get the NCB for that year. The same is also true if you sell your car and wait for a period of time before finding a replacement.

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Will my insurance go up if I have protected no claims?

If you’ve protected your no claims discount, then making a claim shouldn’t affect the number of years that contribute to your NCD. However, if you’ve had an accident, the basic cost of your premium is likely to go up.

Do you lose no claims if someone hits you?

‘Do I lose my no claims bonus if someone hits me’, is a common question from people who were not at-fault for a road accident. Unfortunately if you make a claim on your own car insurance policy you will almost certainly lose your no-claims bonus even if the accident was not your fault.

Can you use NCB on 2 cars?

Unfortunately you cannot use your no claims discount twice. You can only use your no claims discount on one vehicle at any one time. However, you will be able to start earning another no claim discount if you take out a policy on a second car.

Can you protect 1 years no claims bonus?

Once you’ve built up a few years’ no claim bonus, you can “protect” it with an optional extra fee. This means your no claim bonus will be safe-guarded, even if you make an at-fault claim.

How many years NCB Do you need to protect it?

Normally you need to have at least five years No Claims Discount to qualify for No Claims Protection, however we have three insurers who do offer this benefit on a lower amount of No Claims Discount.

Is 9 years the maximum no claims bonus?

If you change insurer and you have a claim, your insurer may decide to “step-back” your no-claims bonus. This means they will reduce your no-claims bonus by a set amount of years. For example, you may have had 9 years no-claims, but your new insurer’s maximum is 4 years.

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How much discount is 1 years no claims?

The amount of discount earned increases with each year of claim-free driving. So after one year you might get 30%, with the percentage increasing each year until you get 70% NCD after five years. Most firms offer a maximum NCD of 70%, although some offer 75% or 80%.

Does having your car stolen affect your insurance?

Myths. One myth about insurance is that when a car is stolen, a person’s rates automatically rise. This isn’t true. In fact, unless someone is insured for comprehensive coverage, the insurance company will not even have to pay on the theft.