What happens when you lose security clearance?

Losing your Security Clearance will cost you your job, income, and your reputation. financial habits, any history of drug use or convictions, drugs, and more.

How do I regain my security clearance?

An “expired” clearance is one that has not been used in more than two years and cannot be reinstated without a new investigation. Once sponsored, the candidate must resubmit a clearance application and go through a new investigation to have access.

Can a security clearance be reinstated?

Current Security Clearances

You have two years to remain “Current” before your clearance reverts to “Expired” status. Active and Current statuses are considered easy to transfer to a new job where such transfers are permitted. But if you allow your clearance to hit Expired mode, it cannot be reinstated.

What happens to my security clearance when I leave my job?

Once you leave the position your clearance is for it remains current for two years unless you move to another position that requires that clearance level. After two years, you clearance becomes inactive and you’ll be required to go through another vetting process.

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How long can a security clearance be inactive?

How long does my clearance last when I leave the military? Clearance becomes inactive once your service ends. Clearance can be re-activated for up to 24 months as long as your re-evaluation period hasn’t passed.

How do I find out if my clearance is still active?

You can check on your clearance three ways:

  1. Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS)
  2. Security Investigations Index (SII)
  3. Call DoD at 1-888-282-7682.

Can you lose your security clearance for bad credit?

Imperfect financial circumstances, such as bad credit scores, can have a negative influence on your application and potentially cause your security clearance to be denied. However, the dollar amount associated with your financial troubles is usually less important than the reasons behind your financial situation.

Are you notified if your security clearance is revoked?

If the agency determines that the conduct described in the incident report is sufficient to propose to suspend or revoke your clearance, it will send notification to your company notifying you of such.

How much is a security clearance worth in salary?

Based on survey data, on average, a security clearance generates 10-20% salary premium with higher clearances commanding the largest increases.

What are disqualifiers for secret clearance?

Secret Security Clearance Disqualifiers

  • Allegiance to the United States.
  • Foreign Influence.
  • Foreign Preference.
  • Sexual Behavior.
  • Personal Conduct.
  • Financial Considerations.
  • Alcohol Consumption.
  • Drug Involvement.

What is an inactive clearance?

A security clearance becomes “inactive” once a person leaves the military or if their job responsibilities change and their need for clearance ends. Even after it has expired, a security clearance can be re-activated up to 24 months after its lapse date without having to go through the application process again.

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Is it hard to reactivate a secret clearance?

A government security clearance requires a periodic reinvestigation every 15 years for a “confidential” clearance, every 10 years for “secret,” and every 5 years for “top secret.” When a clearance is inactivated (because of switching jobs or leaving the military), it can be fairly easy to reinstate within the first 24 …

Does SC clearance lapse?

How long does my security clearance last? … The SC clearance again will lapse 12 months after you have left the position that is was initially for and again the process will have to be completed again.

Does having a security clearance help you get a job?

Benefits of Having Active or Inactive Security Clearance

Doubles your worth and ability to get jobs in certain sectors that non-cleared personnel could not get. Since employers do not have to pay for your clearance application, the money saved often goes back into the employee’s salary.