Who is responsible for training and appearance of the Color Guard?

The Command Sergeant Major is responsible for the safeguarding, care and display of the organizational color. He is also responsible for the selection, training and performance of the Color bearers and Color guards.

What is the color guard commander responsible for?

The primary duties of the color guard commander are to train their members of the color guard, to represent the cadet battalion at activities as directed by cadet battalion commander, the cadet battalion XO, or the instructor staff.

Who created color guard?

The sport of color guard was invented by a lady named Peggy Twiggs. She came up with the move called the “peggy spin”. “Before the ‘peggy spin’, guard members would usually just show the flag at different angels, just like the military.

How do you introduce color guard?

Presenting the colors for tonight’s game, please welcome the [color/honor guard name] from [where they are from]. Ladies and gentlemen, we remind you to remain standing at attention until the colors have been retired, following the singing/performance of our National Anthem.”

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What are the positions in color guard?

The only color guard formation authorized for these three services is right rifle guard, US color bearer, departmental color bearer, and left rifle guard.

Who is the color guard commander?

A US colour guard is made up of a “Color Sergeant” carrying the National Colours and serves as the unit commander, a unit or command colour bearer, and two colour escorts carrying rifles and/or sabres. If multiple colours are carried, multiple colour bearers may be needed.

Who is in charge of color guard?

The Command Sergeant Major is responsible for the safeguarding, care and display of the organizational color. He is also responsible for the selection, training and performance of the Color bearers and Color guards. The honorary position for the CSM is two steps to the rear and centered on the Color guard.

When did color guard originate?

Traditional color guard first began during the English reign around the same time of the Civil War. A band would accompany the soldiers to play music to keep their spirits up and to keep them in beat. Along with the band, they also had a soldier holding a flag with their colors on it.

Why is color guard called color guard?

Color guard takes its name from soldiers responsible for guarding a regimental flag, or colors. That military origin accounts for the guards’ rifle-shaped wooden props and dull-edged sabers. But their military counterparts don’t toss their weapons high, spinning like jacks, and then catch them behind their backs.

Is color guard a sport yes or no?

Color guard is a sport, but it is not recognized as one! It falls under the definition and it is just as hard as cheer and dance.

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What is a military Color Guard?

The Color Guard is a group of four cadets that present the United States and Air Force flags at games and ceremonies. Presenting the Colors is a military tradition dating back to the beginning of our country. When performing a Color Guard, these four cadets form a line.

What is the difference between a Color Guard and an honor guard?

Colors, or flags, are often carried by both, but the primary purpose of the Color Guard is to present the National Colors at a presentation or ceremony. The Honor Guard may present the Colors, but their main purpose is to present a contingent to bear honors at ceremonies or funerals.

Do Girl Scouts salute the flag?

Girl Scouts always use the citizen’s salute even if they are in uniform. Stand at attention and place your right hand over your heart. Salute: • when the flag is being raised or lowered. when the flag passes you in a parade.

What is another name for color guard?

Auxiliary: Another term for the color guard. This term is often used in the marching band setting to describe the visual ensemble which may include color guard but which also may include other visual performers such as a dance team, baton twirlers or pom poms.

How many people are in color guard?

The number of members in a color guard can range from a single person to over 50 members.

What are the rifles called in color guard?

The standard weapon used for the color guard is the NJROTC Drill rifle.

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